Toronto Business College

Our growing aging population has increased the need for Personal Support Workers more than ever. As the healthcare industry grows through 2014 and beyond, the need for Personal Support Workers will undoubtedly grow as well. The Ontario government has budgeted $107 million towards hiring 2500 additional Personal Support Workers by 2011.

With our intensive curriculum, Toronto Business College aims to provide you with all the skills necessary to ensure your clients the best care. This program is tailored towards those who are caring and want to help others. Students will be taught by qualified, motivated healthcare specialists that will prepare you to care for clients of various needs and at various times in their lives. We also ensure that our graduates are truly compassionate and empathetic towards the needs of their future patients. Graduates from this program will be able to take their experience and knowledge to the healthcare sector and help people in need.


      • 28 weeks (700 hours in total)


  1. Individuality of the Person
  2. Role of PSW
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Safety
  5. Assisting a Person with Mobility
  6. Abuse
  7. Household Management & Meal Preparation
  8. Optimal Support and Care Planning
  9. Personal Hygiene
  10. Assisting the Family
  11. Cognitive Impairment & Mental Health Issues
  12. Assisting to manage Ongoing Conditions
  13. Assisting with Medications
  14. Assisting a Person who is Dying


      • Palliative Department in Hospitals
      • Retirement & Nursing Homes
      • Day Care Centers
      • Other Health Care Facilities
      • Private Homes (for Health Care Agencies)