Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management

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Intellectual Property (IP) is becoming one of the single most important strategic assets of every business, government, and artist. Between 1995 and 2015, the share of intangible asset market value increased from 68% to 84%. In July, Ocean Tomo, an IP merchant bank, updated the intangible asset market value study to investigate the economic effects of the novel coronavirus. Their study found that COVID-19 has accelerated existing trends, with intangible assets now commanding over 90% of the market value. This impacts all of us – through royalties, premiums we pay for patented drugs, tolls we pay to copyright-enforcement organizations and limits on businesses we may participate in – the importance of managing IP cannot be underestimated. Increasingly, effective IP Management can be the single biggest cause of business success.

This course aims to provide the tools necessary for developing and implementing successful IP strategy for non-lawyers. Starting from the basics – what are Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property – through to necessities – how to secure and prosecute patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets – to implementation: real-time simulation of IP Management practices – this course will cover all aspects and provide the toolset needed for IP Managers.

The course will provide the training IP Managers require to provide effective collaboration between product and project managers, Research and Development teams, Business Development departments and CFOs.


7 sessions, for a total of 21 hours

Workshops Included

The course is intended for:

IP Managers

Patent Engineers

Research and Development Managers

BD Managers

C-level team (CEO, CSO, CIO, CTO)

Tuition and Fees


Topics Covered

Intro to IP: Intangible business assets, Trade Secrets




Licensing considerations

Litigation threats

Strategic workshop (can be up to 2 full days)

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