Toronto Business College

Here at Toronto Business College, we realize that everyone comes from unique and different financial circumstances. Our different payment strategies depend on your financial needs. We work with you so that you are able to understand what assistance is available to you depending on your situation as a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or refugee and help you through the application process.

Students enrolled in our diploma programs may be eligible for:

1. Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities – MTCU Funding

      • Receiving EI
      • Laid off after 2005
      • Received Maternity Benefits within the last 5 years
      • Recipients of Social Assistance, Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

2. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board – WSIB Funding

3. Other Interest Free Payment Plans

      • Monthly Payment Plans
      • Arranged by our admissions counselor

4. Student Lines of Credit and/or Student Loans

      • Meet with our admissions counselor to discuss your eligibility as well as talk to a financial advisor