Career Services

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Career Services

Resume Writing Workshop

Teaches you the basic formats of a resume

Provides sample resumes

Guides you in writing and presenting a functional resume

Interview & Presentation Workshop

Teaches you about proper body language and manners of speech

Instills in you interpersonal skills and confidence

Motivational pep talks

Do’s and don’ts when interviewing

CO-OP Placements

Aid you in searching for co-op placements to further your training

Identify relevant placement offers that suit your program

Search for volunteer-based placements for a minimum time period of 3 months

Job Search

Direct you towards relevant job search agencies

Search with you among different job search engines

Help you search for jobs relevant to your program of study

We also offer training on creating optimal LinkedIn portfolios as well as professional portfolios

LMR: Labour Market Research (ask our career counselor for more information)

Computer Labs

Within our school hours, we have computer labs for students to come in and work on resumes, search for jobs or co-op placements, and develop connections with possible employers

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