Toronto Business College

This program provides a comprehensive study include accounting concepts and application, business principles and management, marketing, computer based application and communication skills. Teachers who are experts and passionate about teaching students the core knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient in the field of Business Administration have invested a great deal of time and effort in designing the modules of the curriculum. Business Administration Diploma specifically targets job related skills necessary in today’s job market. Graduates of this diploma program will gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed.


      • 26 Weeks (A Total of 650 Hours)
      • Instructor-Led Classroom Hours: 205
      • Computer-Based Training Hours: 445


      • Microsoft Windows
      • Microsoft Word, Excel & Access
      • Microsoft PowerPoint & Outlook
      • Fundamentals of Accounting
      • QuickBooks
      • Essentials of Business Communication
      • Essentials of Management Human Resources
      • Principles of Marketing


      • Office Administrator
      • Administrative Officer
      • Office Manager
      • Planning Officer
      • Office Services Co-Coordinator